For centuries “Aguas Frescas” have been a refreshing traditional drink for Mexico. They are made from fruits and other combinations of tea flowers, vegetables, grains, spices, water and good old sweet cane sugar.

Alegría means “JOY”, and to live a life full of “Alegría” we need to surround ourselves with Happy People, Happy moments and Happy experiences!

“Bienvenidos, to the only “Aguas Frescas”

We are “Alegría”

"The Austin Statesman lives life with Alegría"

Drink Alegría With Great Taste.

We are launching with 3 of our favorite recipes to start, but can’t wait to bring you more “Aguas Frescas”…

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Find us as “Alegría Aguas Frescas”

Find us as “Alegría Aguas Frescas”Find us as "Alegría Aguas Frescas

If it’s not Alegria, it’s not an Agua Fresca

Three of our favorite recipes to start, but can’t wait to bring you more “Aguas Frescas.”

Cucumber Mint - Aguas Frescas

Cucumber Mint

Enjoy this refreshing minty “aguas frescas” perfect for that hint of cool for your daily activities. I grab one right after my trail run or my mid day thirst!



The most traditional; super delicious and refreshing, it’s my favorite to pair with any good food or afternoon snack. Let us know what is your favorite time to enjoy it!


A delicious blend of sweet Cantaloupe and bright as the “Alegria” sun, perfect for an afternoon in the park with friends or family weekend. Share the “Alegria” with your loved ones.

"Charles mound Toyota goes places with alegría"


I live Life with Alegría!

“My passion for life has inspired me to share part of my tradition with You; Lets enjoy what we Do and share what we Love… then Happiness will follow.”

– Noé García Robles

The Team

We want to share what is possible in life through believing, staying active and loving what we do….

We live our life with Alegria! 

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